Prism Solar brings to the marketplace two ground-breaking technologies that improve energy production as compared to yesterday’s solar modules. All of Prism’s modules use highly efficient bifacial N-type silicon solar cells with an unprecedented near equal backside efficiency (96%). Prism’s holographic modules are further enhanced with Prism’s patented holographic technology that adds visually stunning diffractive optics to the module while providing additional power to the cells.

Highly Efficient Bifacial Solar Cells

Unlike traditional solar modules whose cells can only use the sunlight that strikes the front of the module, Prism’s new modules use highly efficient bifacial, N-type silicon solar cells that convert to energy the light that strikes both the front and the back of the module, leading to 35% or more additional energy harvesting from the sun. With all solar modules, a substantial amount of light scattered from clouds, the ground, surrounding buildings and rooftops reaches the rear side. In traditional modules this additional light is not converted into electricity and adds unwanted heat to a module, thereby reducing the modules efficiency. A bifacial module from Prism, in contrast, takes this additional light and converts it into electricity. Our solutions are especially useful when modules are mounted on reflective backgrounds, such as white roofs or light colored ground covering.

All of Prism's modules are built to outlast the competition, because they are manufactured using tempered glass-on-glass design and are hermetically sealed to protect the cells from external damage. Thus, the effects of PID are negligible due to the use of high quality materials and hermetic sealing of the module.

Prism’s frameless, tempered glass-on-glass design has allowed the modules to receive the exceptional weight load rating of 270psf, when properly mounted. Prism’s frameless design also eliminates the need for the modules to be grounded. Prism's modules are adaptable for use with many different styles of racking or mounting. Our unique module construction and junction boxes allow Prism's modules to be mounted in fully water/weather proof canopy systems. Cable management has been simplified when using our recommended racking solutions with built in cable chases. The cable chases not only protect the wiring but also visually hide all electrical connection s to the modules creating a clean, aesthetically pleasing installation.

All Prism Solar modules are manufactured in the USA and are ARRA compliant.

Holographic Optics

In addition to the Prism standard bifacial modules, Prism manufactures enhanced holographic modules that combine the same highly efficient bifacial N-type silicon cells with Prism’s patented holographic technology. These glass-on-glass holographic modules alternate strips of bifacial solar cells with parallel strips of holographic film. Where light hits the solar cells directly, it is converted to electricity as normal. Where light hits the holographic film, the hologram diffracts the light and guides a portion of the diffracted light to the cell through a phenomenon know as Total Internal Reflection (TIR). This diffracted/guided light that reaches the solar cells provides additional energy to the module. The unused portion of the diffracted light in Prism's holographic modules is used to create a beautiful diffractive rainbow effect.

The holographic modules also use redundant cut cell bussing to improve its shading characteristics.