Utilities: Up to 30% added energy per watt of silicon.

Prism Solar’s bifacial modules provide up to 30% more kilowatt hours per watt of silicon than traditional modules. Prism modules -- manufactured in the United States -- create added energy using highly efficient bifacial cells (nearly 19% on both sides) that capture light from both the front and the back of the module

Additionally, Prism’s holographic modules use state-of-the-art holographic film to capture the portions of light within the band gap of the solar cell, and move that light from the film to the cell using total internal reflection. In comparison to other solar modules that typically suffer a derate loss of 23% from nameplate peak rated watts (DC) to system power watts (AC), Prism modules have virtually no derate loss and consistently outperform the expected energy production of traditional modules.

Prism’s added kilowatt hour production means substantially more value. Our modules accept diffuse and low-angled light much better than standard modules, and our use of holograms allow cells to operate at lower temperatures. Prism modules turn on earlier, stay on later, and produce more power during cloudy periods – all resulting in substantially more power than similarly rated monofacial modules

Prism also offers customized holograms that optimize the acceptance of light at horizontal and vertical mounts, and help smooth the energy production curve by providing more consistent energy generation throughout the day and year.